Castles In Scotland

Scotland is becoming a popular for tourism for its beautiful scenery and historic locations, namely Scottish Castles. That’s why aims to provide information on Scottish castles where you can find out about castle wars, castle creations, prisoners and famous kings/queens of historical times. Many castles in Scotland have tales and fascinating stories to be told and shared.

There are many Famous Scottish castles including Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and Dunnottar Castle but there are also those that are less known of which hold their own tales. One castle less known is Hawthornden Castle and its caves where William Wallace sheltered and took place in the Battle of Rosslyn or Luffness Castle with its siege by Henry VIII to capture Mary Queen of Scots as an infant. As our website grows we hope to share a wide collection of information on Scottish castles to cover both well and less well known castles in Scotland.

Castle wars where in an abundance during these times to capture land and strongholds. Many famous characters where created from them for their heroic offenses and defences including the Battle of Stirling with William Wallace in the wars of independence. Mary Queen of Scots was also caught up in conflicts and moved and visited various castles in her time. Craigmillar Castle held the residency of Mary Queen of Scots where the Craigmillar Bond was formed to relieve her of her husband at the time, Lord Darnley.

Castle Creations of these times where magnificent resulting in amazing and beautiful castles made for strength and defence but also the homes of many who banded together. Many castles had thick walls to withstand artillery fire, high towers for a better defence advantage, moats preventing less access and slowing down raiders of the castle. From our collection of Scottish castles you will find out about their structure and strengths.

Today many castles in Scotland have been transformed into hotels to accommodate tourists on their stay. They make great sightseeing views on how castles stand today with the damage they have withstood from castle wars and of course natures damage over time.